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La'cryma Christi

La'cryma Christi

La'cryma Christi (latin for The Tears of Christ) was a Japanese rock band, which formed in 1994 and disbanded on January 20, 2007.


Former Members

  • KOJI - Guitar (left: March 2005)


The band was originally formed under the name of STRIPPE-D LADY in 1993 by vocalist and leader TAKA with his college friend, HIRO. The two friends held a small audition in Kansai to find new talent for the band. As the result, they recruited KOJI and LEVIN who were high school friends, and a bassist Kita-J. This Osaka based indie band played hard rock and heavy metal during this time period. In October 1994, Kita-J decided to leave the band and was replaced by SHUSE. After this the band changed their name to La'cryma Christi before releasing their first single, "Siam's Eye", on a local indies label in 1994. The band moved to Tokyo in 1996, releasing their first mini-album, Warm Snow, which sold 15,000 copies. In 1997 they signed with a major label and debuted with "Ivory Trees". They founded their own label, Majestic Ring, in 2003. KOJI left the band in March of 2005 (after a gig on the 21st), and in September 2006, the band announced that they would officially disband in January 2007.


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