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Lots of Love

Digital Cover
Hong Jin Young
Lots of Love
  1. Oneul Bame (오늘 밤에; Love Tonight)
  2. Seumyeodeuna,Bom (스며드나,봄)
  3. Nunmulbi (눈물비)
  4. Sarangeun Da Ireoni (사랑은 다 이러니; Love is...)
  5. Eomji Cheok (엄지 척; Thumb Up)
  6. Seoulsaram (서울사람; Seoul)
  7. Jalgara (잘가라; Goodbye)
  8. Boogie Man (부기맨)
  9. Ring Ring (Composer Ver.) (따르릉)
  10. Sarangui Battery (사랑의 배터리; Love Battery)
  11. Sandaneun Geon (산다는 건; Cheer Up)
  12. Sarangi Joha (사랑이 좋아; You Are My Only Love)
  13. Oneul Bame (Inst.)


Lots of Love is the first studio album released by Hong Jin Young. The song "Oneul Bame" was used a the lead track.

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