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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover

Haruka to Miyuki
Catalog Number
AICL-3135 (Regular)
AICL-3133/3134 (Limited)
¥2800 (Regular)
¥3990 (Limited)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hikare (光れ; Shine)
  2. DRAG & HUG
  3. Kiseki wo Inoru Koto wa Mou Shinai (奇跡を祈ることはもうしない; No Longer Praying For Miracles)
  4. Pain
  5. Are you ready?
  6. Miru Mae ni Odore (見る前に踊れ; Dance Before You Look)
  7. Tokyo Utopia (トーキョー・ユートピア)
  8. Eien no Temae (永遠の手前; Before Eternity)
  9. you
  10. Yoake no Tsuki (夜明けの月; The Moon At Dawn)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sekai (PV) (世界; The World)
  2. Usotsuki (PV) (嘘ツキ; Liar)
  3. Kimi wa Mada Shiranai (PV) (君はまだ知らない; You Don't Know Yet)
  4. Haru no Ame (PV) (春の雨; Spring Rain)
  5. COPY (PV)
  6. Uchuu wo Oyogu Fune (PV) (宇宙を泳ぐ舟; Ship that Sails Through Space)
  7. Koutei Suru (PV) (肯定する; Affirm)
  8. new moon (PV)
  9. LIFE (PV)
  10. World Wide Web wa Shinderu (PV) (ワールドワイドウエブは死んでる; The World Wide Web is Dead)
  11. Koi wa Mahou sa (PV) (恋は魔法さ; Love is Magic)
  12. Kiseki wo Inoru Koto wa Mou Shinai (PV) (奇跡を祈ることはもうしない; No Longer Praying For Miracles)

LOVELESS/ARTLESS is the sophomore studio album recorded by Haruka to Miyuki. The song "Kiseki wo Inoru Koto wa Mou Shinai" was released two months before as their 15th digital single in order to promote the album. The album reached #36 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for two weeks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 36 1,401

Total Reported Sales: 1,401*

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