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MAGIC OF LiFE promoting Niemeyer (2017)
MAGIC OF LiFE (formerly DIRTY OLD MEN) is a Japanese rock band under STELLA OFFICE.


Former Members


In 2001, the band was established by Takatsudo, Yamada, and Notaki during their second year of high school. Their original plan was to break up after high school graduation, but after winning a band competition they decided to continue. Although they named themselves DIRTY OLD MEN, they claimed that they "don’t really want to be Dirty Old Men, but the name comes from our secret wishes."

Yamashita joined in November 2006, and they played their first headlining concert in December 2007 in their local town, Utsunomiya, Togichi.

Under Spice Records on April 25, 2007, they released their indie debut mini-album immature. They then signed to Universal Sigma and on May 19, 2010 released their major debut mini-album Time Machine. After their release of the album doors, they moved to the label fortunerest and went back to producing indie music.

In April 2012, the band underwent a member change, forming the current lineup. In October of 2014, the band renamed themselves MAGIC OF LiFE.


MAGIC OF LiFE promoting X-1A (2016)
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