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Matsushita Yuya

Matsushita Yuya promoting U ~BEST of BEST~ (2012)

Matsushita Yuya (松下優也) is a Japanese pop-R&B singer and actor. He debuted in 2008 with the single "foolish foolish" under EPIC Records.



Matsushita Yuya was raised by his mother and grandmother. During elementary school time, he played for the school's soccer team. At aged 12 , he enrolled in Osaka's vocal and dance school CALESS to train his vocals and dance skills. In third year of middle school, due to conflict with his mother, Matsushita went to New York alone to pursue his devotion for music. He then dropped out of high school to pursuit his dream to become a singer. In the year 2005, his talent was discovered by producer Nakamura Jin. In the year 2008, Matsushita signed with Sony Music Entertainment's sub-label EPIC Records and made his major debut with the single "foolish foolish".

In the year 2009, Matsushita debuted as an actor with the role of Iwatsu Ataru in the movie Kanashii Boyfriend. He also performed an insert song of the movie, "Mr. "Broken Heart"" which was coupled with his debut single "foolish foolish". He also starred the character Sebastian Michaelis in the musical adaption of Kuroshitsuji.


Matsushita Yuya promoting "LAST SNOW" (2009)
Matsushita Yuya promoting "YOU" (2010)
Matsushita Yuya promoting "Paradise" (2011)

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