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Metamorphose 1

CD Cover
Metamorphose 1
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¥ 2,778 + Tax
  1. Over The Testament Ver.1 / Metamorphose featuring Yoko Ishida
  2. Over The Testament Ver.2 / Metamorphose featuring Kaori Oda
  3. Over The Testament Ver.3 / Metamorphose featuring Aki Misato
  4. Over The Testament Ver.4 / Metamorphose featuring Megumi Ogata
  5. Taion Uta (体温 歌, Body Song) / Metamorphose featuring Yoko Ishida
  6. Refrain / Metamorphose featuring Kaori Oda
  7. Prologue (プロローグ) / Metamorphose featuring Aki Misato
  8. Beat the Wings! / Metamorphose featuring Megumi Ogata
  9. Over the Testament Ver.5


'Metamorphose 1 is the debut album of the vocal unit Metamorphose. The album includes the five versions of the song Over The Testament which was used as the opening theme song for the TV Anime Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST. The first version which was used on episodes 1 to 3 was performed by Yoko Ishida. The second version which was used on episodes 4 to 5 was performed by Kaori Oda. The third version which was used on episodes 6 to 7 was performed by Aki Misato. The fourth version which was used on episodes 8 to 9 was performed by Megumi Ogata. Lastly, the fifth version with new arrangement which was used on episode 10 was performed by the four aforementioned.

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