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Mijin promoting "Friday Night" (2017)

Mijin (미진) is a South Korean trainee under Deep Studio Entertainment. She is a former member of the Korean pop girl group Chloris.


  • Stage Name: Mijin (미진)
  • Real Name: Heo Mijin (허미진)
  • Nickname: No Min Ji
  • Birthdate: January 6
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Specialties: No Min Ji impression of chickens eating feed, semi-inflated inflatable man
  • Group:


  • She has a bronze medal at a Korean wrestling competition.
  • Fans used to call her "Jimin", "Minji", "Miji", so she said "I'm Mijin, no Minji!". Her fans loved it so they've nicknamed her No Minji.

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