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Minamino Shingo

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Minamino Shingo (南野信吾) was a Japanese musician, music producer, and former member of the bands 4-STiCKS and BILLION.


  • Birthday: April 26, 1970
  • Deathdate: June 10, 2012 (aged 42)
  • Birthplace: Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
  • Agency: Digiturbo Co.


Minamino Shingo got his start when he formed the band BOICE (later known as 4-STiCKS) with fellow classmates Takada Kashu and Konishi Takashi at their middle school. He was the band's vocalist until the band broke up in 2001. Minamino later went on to perform in a indies band named BILLION for a short while.

In 2006, Minamino started to produce various artists like Nogi Mary. A year later, he formed the label GEORIDE to produce game music.

However, Minamino Shingo died on June 10, 2012 in Osaka. He died from being fatally stabbed by an un-employed Kyozo Isohi. Minamino was suppose to do a live event in Osaka that night to celebrate the fifth birthday of GEORIDE.

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