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Miss Monochrome -The Animation- Kuro-ban

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Blu-ray / DVD Cover
Tall Case (トールケース) Cover
Miss Monochrome
Blu-ray / DVD
Miss Monochrome -The Animation- Kuro-ban (ミス・モノクローム-The Animation-黒版; Miss Monochrome -The Animation- Black Edition)
Catalog Number
KIZX-145/146 (Blu-ray Edition)
KIZB-157/158 (DVD Edition)
¥5,400 (Blu-ray Edition)
¥4,320 (DVD Edition)
Blu-ray / DVD Tracklist
  • Miss Monochrome -The Animation- (ミス・モノクローム-The Animation)
  1. #08 WINNER
  2. #09 RIVAL
  3. #10 FIGHTER
  4. #11 AUDITION
  5. #12 IDOL
  • Bonus
  1. Eizou Tokuten Poker Face Music CLIP (映像特典 ポーカーフェイス Music CLIP; Bonus Footage Poker Face Music CLIP)
CD Tracklist
  1. I Want More Out In Front
  2. Bustling Every Day
  3. Android
  4. Alien Invasion
  5. Signpost To Success
  6. Transformation
  7. Poker Face (TVsize) (ポーカーフェイス (TVsize))


"Miss Monochrome -The Animation- Kuro-ban" is the second Blu-ray / DVD released by Miss Monochrome. It was released in two editions: a Blu-ray+CD edition and a DVD+CD edition.

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