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Mitsuoka Masami

Mitsuoka Masami promoting "Nijiiro no Hana" (2013)

Mitsuoka Masami (光岡昌美) is a Japanese pop singer from Toyota, Aichi. She is currently signed with the indies label Sound Move and the management office Smile Company. Under the stage name MASAMI, Mitsuoka was a member of the vocal & dance unit Sister Q (2005-2006). After the group disbanded, Mitsuoka signed with Pony Canyon and started her solo career with her debut single "Hana" in 2007.[1] Months after the release of her fifth single, Mitsuoka issued a press release in August that announced her change of name, music, and label.

Under the new label Nippon Crown, Mitsuoka decided to use the stage name Mizca and release electro-pop music.[2] Mizca debuted in October with the digital single "Robotics". After two years under the new persona, Mitsuoka reverted back to her previous name and sound.[3] She is resuming her music career with the release of PAST TRUNK, her first studio album in three years.[4]


  • Real Name: Mitsuoka Masami (光岡昌美)
  • Stage Names: Mizca (2009-2011), MASAMI (2003-2006)
  • Birth Date: August 14, 1986 (1986-08-14) (age 34)
  • Birth Place: Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 156cm (5'1")
  • Blood type: B
  • Shoe Size: 22.5cm
  • Hobbies: Interior design, rearranging rooms, looking after Jill (her pet dog).
  • Abilities: Making confections and pastries, writing poetry, nail art, my pace.
  • Favorite Word: Thank You (ありがとう)
  • Favorite Food: Sundubu jjigae, Yakiniku
  • Favorite Subject: Language
  • Favorite Movies: The Green Mile, The Parent Trap


Mizca promoting "Rafiora" (2011)
Mitsuoka Masami promoting PAST TRUNK (2012)

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