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Momoi Halko

Momoi Halko promoting Henji ga Nai, Tada no Shitsuren no You da. (2009)

Momoi Halko (桃井はるこ) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter and seiyuu. She is affectionately referred to as Halko by her fans, a nickname which she gave herself and which is inspired by HAL 9000, the onboard computer of the Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 2008, Momoi and Shikura Chiyomaru collaborated to produce idol group Afilia Saga East.


  • Stage Name: Momoi Halko (桃井はるこ)
  • Real Name: Momoi Haruko (桃井はるこ)
  • Nick Names: momo-i, Halko
  • Birthday: December 14th, 1977
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 160cm
  • Hobbies: T-shirt collecting, Internet
  • Group: UNDER17 (2002-2004)


Momoi Halko promoting more & more quality WHITE ~Self song cover~ (2008)


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Akihaba LOVE

  • [2007.01.26] Akihaba LOVE ~Akihabara to Issho ni Otona ni Natta~ (アキハバLOVE ~秋葉原と一緒に大人になった~)

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