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Nishimura Tomomi

Nishimura Tomomi (西村知美) is a actress, talento, and former idol singer.


  • Married Name: Nishio Tomomi (西尾知美)
  • Birthdate: December 17, 1970 (1970-12-17) (age 50)
  • Birthplace: Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 155 cm


Nishimura Tomomi got her start is show business when she won the award for the 1st Annual Miss Momoko Club Grand Prix contest in 1985. A year later, she debut as an actress in films and television doramas, in variety shows, and as a singer with the first single, "Yumeiro no Message", released on March 1986.

In 1997, she married former CHA-CHA member Nishio Takumi and gave birth to the couple's first daughter in 2003. She later participated in the Honolulu Marathon for the charity program 24 Jikan Television.


Studio Albums

Best Albums



  • [1986] Tomomi Dreaming
  • [1987] Ai no Yume Kibun (愛の夢気分)
  • [1987] Monogatari e Youkose (物語へようこそ)
  • [1989] Yumeka Kaku (夢絵画)
  • [1990] Mugen Douji (夢幻童子)
  • [1991] Vantan (ヴァンタン)
  • [1991] Siesta (シエスタ)
  • [1992] Declaracion de amor
  • [1995] Ouka (桜蘭)
  • [1996] Mujuu Yoru (夢十夜)
  • [1998] Tomomi no Love Love Shinkon Ryouri Nikki (知美のラブラブ新婚料理日記)
  • [2002] Watashi ga Fushigi ni Omou Koto (私が不思議に思うこと)
  • [2003] Tanoshii Gohan (楽しいごはん)
  • [2004] Tennen Shussan (天然出産)
  • [2004] Suteki na Shuutou Knit (素敵な秋冬ニット)

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