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Onmyo-za promoting "Kureha" (2008)

Onmyo-za (陰陽座) is a Japanese heavy metal band that is one of the best-known of the genre in Japan. Their sound mixes traditional Japanese mythology with heavy sound and lyrics written in archaic Japanese. The concept of yin and yang is very prominent in their music by fusing many opposites together (for example, calm traditional folk instrumentation with heavy metal and female vocals with male ones). They are also a very theatrical act, and they are also notable for their powerful female and male duo vocals and at times Iron Maiden-inspired guitar riffs. The yukata is the band's trademark costume.


  • Onmyo-za's name is written 陰陽座 in Japanese and is often misread as inyou-za because even some Japanese natives do not realize that even though 陰 and 陽 are pronounced in and you separately, they form a special compound when together and are pronounced onmyou. The meaning of onmyou is the meeting of yin and yang.
  • Maneki and Matatabi are brothers.
  • Onmyo-za's concerts are only held in summer and spring, and the crowd receives fans instead of glow sticks.




Best Albums


  • [2002.07.24] Fuuin Kairan (封印廻濫; Perfectly Circular Seal)

Live Albums




Digital Singles

Video Releases



  • [2010.09.xx] FOOL'S MATE 2010 November Issue (Feature)
  • [2010.10.xx] FOOL'S MATE December Issue (Feature)

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