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PAPAYA PARANOIA (パパイヤパラノイア) is a Japanese punk rock band that debuted in 1985.



The band formed in 1983 as Neko Odori with only Ishishima Yumiko as a permanent member. The group won the 28th Annual YAMAHA POP CON prize on September 1984. They debuted a year later as PAPAYA PARANOIA the year later with the Egg-Man album To ni Ame no Furu Gotoku. At that same time, the band began playing their first live at Shinjuku in front of 8,000 fans who known them for their showy costumes.

The punk band continued to releasing albums and performing all over when in 1991, guitarist Morinaga Michiko joined the group as a permanent member. Even though the group's members have their own musical project, PAPAYA PARANOIA is still releasing music and continuing to perform to this day.




Videos / DVDs

  • [1987.xx.xx] TOKYO POP
  • [2002.04.25] Live in Czech 2001

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