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Porno Graffitti

Porno Graffitti promoting "Oretachi no Celebration" (2014)

Porno Graffitti (ポルノグラフィティ) is a Japanese rock band. They are managed by AMUSE and signed under SME Records label. The correct English spelling is "graffiti" instead of "graffitti". However, all official merchandise labels the band as "Porno Graffitti". They got their name from the album Pornograffitti by the band Extreme.


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Porno Graffitti (2002)
Porno Graffitti promoting m-CABI (2006)
Porno Graffitti (2008)
Porno Graffitti promoting "Anima Rossa" (2009)
Porno Graffitti promoting "Hitomi no Oku wo Nozokasete" (2010)
Porno Graffitti promoting "One More Time" (2011)
Porno Graffitti promoting PANORAMA PORNO (2012)
Porno Graffitti promoting "Matataku Hoshi no Shita de" (2013)

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  • [2011.09.xx] PATi PATi October 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.09.xx] BACKSTAGE PASS 2011 November (Feature)
  • [2011.10.xx] PATi PATi November 2011 Issue (Feature)

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