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ROCK'A'TRENCH promoting Bohemia (2011)

ROCK'A'TRENCH (ロッカトレンチ) is a five-piece Japanese rock/reggae/ska band formed in 2004 and signed to Warner Music Japan label. The band's name was derived from the Bob Marley song called "Trench Town Rock". Yamamori Daisuke and Hatakeyama Takuya were part of the band SKA SKA CLUB, currently on hiatus. In 2011, they announced that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus after their Steady Rock vol.7 ~Bohemianism~ tour.



ROCK'A'TRENCH promoting "Heat Island" (2007)
ROCK'A'TRENCH promoting "Every Sunday Afternoon" (2008)
ROCK'A'TRENCH promoting ACTION! (2009)
ROCK'A'TRENCH promoting "Music is my Soul" (2010)


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