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ReaL (band)

ReaL promoting "Unchain My Heart" (2019)

ЯeaL (りある) is a female Japanese rock band under SME Records.



  • Yurika (guitar, chorus) (2012-2017)


ЯeaL promoting Change Your ЯeaL (2014)

The band was formed in Osaka on December 8, 2012. They did many live performances and their popularity rose around the Kansai district.

The band's first one-man live was held at ROCKTOWN in Abeno, Osaka in July 2014 and was sold out. Their second one-man live in March 2015 at Music Club JANUS in Shinsaibashi, Osaka also had great success.

Their first mini-album Change Your ЯeaL was released in December 2014.

On March 9, 2016, the band made their major debut under SME Records with the single "Byousoku Emotion".


ReaL promoting 19. (2017)




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