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Rumble Fish (singer)

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Rumble Fish promoting Neo Geureoke Saljima (2012)

Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) is a Korean pop/rock singer. Rumble Fish debuted as a four-member band in 2004, however, after the release of their first mini-album I Am Me in 2010 all members except vocalist Choi Jin Yi left the band. Only four months later, Choi Jin Yi released the digital single "Gibun Joheun Mal" as a solo artist, though still under the band's name.


  • Choi Jin Yi (Vocals)
  • Birthyear: 1983

Former Members

Rumble Fish Discography



Digital Singles

Rumble Fish promoting "Nae Sarang Nae Gyeote" (2009)

Compilation / Other

Choi Jin Yi Discography


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