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SEX-ANDROID promoting "Himegoto" (2009)
Left to Right: JUNRO, YU-DAI, TO-RU

SEX-ANDROID, colloquially known as Sekuan (セクアン), is a three piece punk-rock band from Kanagawa Prefecture in the angura-kei scene. Though having been formed in 1995, they were a local band until 1999 when it was decided that they would become a more "serious" band. The member line-up until late 2003 was unstable, with YU-DAI being the only original member that stayed through all the member changes. When guitarist TO-RU joined the band in 2002, SEX-ANDROID's music added jazz and pop influences to their old-school punk roots. The group is signed with the indies label ART POP ENTERTAINMENT.


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  • [1999.01.xx] Hatsujouki (発情期; Mating Season)

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