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SNOWKEL (シュノーケル) is a Japanese rock band. They are managed by Hit&Run agency and signed to SME Records label. They disbanded on March, 2010 and held their final live "Snowkel The Last Tour". Currently, the vocalist "Nishimura Shinya" working on a solo career. December 18, 2014, ten years after the debut of the band, there was the SNOWKEL LIVE resurgence "I'm OK!" in CHELSEA HOTEL (where the tickets were sold out in about a minute). In this LIVE, they're declared to have returned with the band's activities. In 2015, they are doing concerts across Latin America, including participating in the festivals Comic-Con and Anime Friends, both in Brazil.




Best Album


  • [2004.12.18] SNOWKEL (シュノーケル) (Indies)
  • [2005.06.01] Sora Colorful (ソラカラフル) (Indies)


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