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Say a Little Prayer

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Say a Little Prayer (also known as SLP or Seia (セイア)) was a Japanese pop vocal unit from 1997 to 1999. The group was formed in 1997 after Taguchi, Katagiri, and Okushi were picked from AIS after their auditions on the TV Tokyo music television show "ASAYAN". The group chose the name "Say a Little Prayer" for the group after the song I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin.

In an effect copied later by Morning Musume, the group had to sell 10,000 copies of their indies single Chiisa na Hoshi within ten days at Towers Records to have a contract from a major label. The group was able to do it in two days. Say a Little Prayer released their first major single, entitled Chiisa na Hoshi / Suki, two months later. But two years later, the group broke up in 1999 and each member went their own way.





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