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Senkou Hanabi (Yamamoto Sayaka mini-album)

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Album Cover
Yamamoto Sayaka
Senkou Hanabi (線香花火; Sparklers)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Senkou Hanabi (線香花火; Sparklers)
  2. Yuunagi no Shita no Himitsu Kichi (夕凪の下の秘密基地; The Secret Base Underneath the Evening Calm)
  3. Koutei ni Nobiru Kagee (Instrumental) (校庭に伸びる影絵(Instrumental); A Shadow Picture That Stretches in the Schoolyard)
  4. Kusabue to Kumo no Mine (草笛と雲の峰; Reed Pipe to Clouds That Stand Like a Mountain Peak During the Summer)
  5. Tsuugakuro no Mizutamari (通学路の水溜り; The School Zone's Pool of Water)
  6. Bouhatei ni Narabeta Yakusoku (防波堤に並べた約束; A Promise That Lined Up in the Breakwater)
  7. Matsuri no Ato (祭りのあと)
  8. Kadode ni Soeru Uta (門出に添える唄; A Song That Adds To As Support in Setting Out)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Senkou Hanabi (Music Clip)


Senkou Hanabi is the second mini-album released by Yamamoto Sayaka. It was only released in CD+DVD format. It reached #93 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week.

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