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Snow Halation

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First Press Cover
Regular Cover
Snow halation
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Snow halation
  2. baby maybe Koi no Button (baby maybe 恋のボタン)
  3. Snow halation (off vocal)
  4. baby maybe Koi no Button (off vocal) (baby maybe 恋のボタン)
  5. Seiya no Onna no Ko-tachi.... Mada Akarui Kedo (聖夜の女の子たち。…まだ明るいけど)
  6. Anata to Christmas -Kousaka Honoka- (あなたとクリスマス -高坂穂乃果-)
  7. Anata to Christmas -Ayase Eri- (あなたとクリスマス -絢瀬絵里-)
  8. Anata to Christmas -Minami Kotori- (あなたとクリスマス -南ことり-)
  9. Anata to Christmas -Sonoda Umi- (あなたとクリスマス -園田海未-)
  10. Anata to Christmas -Hoshizora Rin- (あなたとクリスマス -星空 凛-)
  11. Anata to Christmas -Nishikino Maki- (あなたとクリスマス -西木野真姫-)
  12. Anata to Christmas -Toujou Nozomi- (あなたとクリスマス -東條 望-)
  13. Anata to Christmas -Koizumi Hanayo- (あなたとクリスマス -小泉花陽-)
  14. Anata to Christmas -Yazawa Niko- (あなたとクリスマス -矢澤にこ-)
  15. Mirai e Go Next! (未来へゴー・ネクスト!)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Snow halation


"Snow halation" is the second single released by μ's. It was released in a CD+DVD format only, including an audio drama. The title track was used as ending theme song for the TV show Club AT-X Daburua~ru. The single reached #74 on the Oricon charts, charted for three weeks, and sold 1,451 copies.

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