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Spitz (album)

Album Cover
Spitz (スピッツ)
1997.07.07 (LP)
2002.10.16 (Remastered Re-release)
2008.12.17 (SHM-CD Re-release)
Catalog Number
POJH-1009 (LP)
UPCH-1181 (Remastered Re-release)
UPCH-1671 (SHM-CD Re-release)
¥3,059 (LP)
¥2,500 (Remastered Re-release)
¥2,700 (SHM-CD Re-release)
CD Tracklist
  1. Ninoude no Sekai (ニノウデの世界)
  2. Umi to Pink (海とピンク)
  3. Biidama (ビー玉)
  4. Gosen Kounen no (五千光年の)
  5. Tsuki ni Kaeru (月に帰る)
  6. Terebi (テレビ)
  7. Tanpopo (タンポポ)
  8. Shinigami no Misaki e (死神の岬へ)
  9. Tonbi Tobe Nakatta (トンビ飛べなかった)
  10. Natsu no Mamono (夏の魔物)
  11. Umeboshi (うめぼし)
  12. Hibari no Kokoro (ヒバリのこころ)
LP Tracklist
  • Side A
  1. Natsu no Mamono (夏の魔物)
  2. Tsuki ni Kaeru (月に帰る)
  3. Gosen Kounen no (五千光年の)
  4. Terebi (テレビ)
  5. Tanpopo (タンポポ)
  6. Hibari no Kokoro (ヒバリのこころ)
  • Side B
  1. Umeboshi (うめぼし)
  2. Ninoude no Sekai (ニノウデの世界)
  3. Umi to Pink (海とピンク)
  4. Shinigami no Misaki e (死神の岬へ)
  5. Tonbi Tobe Nakatta (トンビ飛べなかった)
  6. Biidama (ビー玉)


Spitz is the self-titled debut album released by Spitz. It was released on the same date as their debut single "Hibari no Kokoro". The album features the same cover art for all the versions, original, LP and re-released editions, except for the catalog code printed on the right left corner of the cover. The album did not chart on Oricon charts.

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