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Suitei Shoujo

Suitei Shoujo (推定少女) was a Japanese pop duo with Sony Music Entertainment. They disbanded March 31st, 2006.



Suitei Shoujo debuted in August 2001 with the single "Shouchi no Suke", which was used as the first ending theme for the anime One Piece. The duo turned heads with their provocative outfits and attitude towards each other in public, and were dubbed "the Japanese t.A.T.u.". They were especially popular with junior high students.

Their fourth single, "Kagi ga Akanai", was used as the theme for the film Ju-on. It was also with this single that they began to emulate their Russian "counterparts" more by wearing school uniforms for the singles that would follow the rest of 2003 and their first album. Suitei Shoujo also had their own television program from April to October of 2003, which was later released onto a series of DVDs in 2004. Also, their singles released after "Shitsuren Song / Machigai" were in DVD audio only but could also be bought from their official Sony website in download form.

Suitei Shoujo disbanded March 31st, 2006. RINO stopped all of her activities in the entertainment world on July 12th of that year.





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