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Super Cozi

Super Cozi is a female DJ/Producer and an indie Electronic/Experimental artist under Hypo=espresso Records.


Born in Yokohama, it wasn't till the early 80s that Super Cozi began to get into music. She formed a punk band with three other guys in Tokyo, herself being the vocalist and rhythm guitarist. During her time with the band, they released three albums and toured heavily across the country. However by the early 90s she had enough and quit the band to go solo. Using her computer, she started to make her own sound, something she couldn't do in the band. In 1993, she released her self-titled debut album Super Cozi.

By 1997, Super Cozi started to DJ in clubs and started to add more techno, dance and psychedelic like sounds into her work. And by 1999 she had her first experimental electronic album DJ Legba that was released under Tender Productions. Shortly afterwards she set off to tour and promote the her works, touring in Denmark, Finland, Australia, and Japan with success. From here she started to release tracks for Club/Trance compilations.

In 2000, she decided to leave Japan and move to the UK. There she started up a unit called "Zen Lemonade", a project with her now husband Gus Till. The project had a heavy Trance and Techno sound. Under the project of Zen Lemonade they released an album Lemon Soul in 2002 to a UK market. Receiving acclaim by critics they would later appear on several compilations in the future.

After 2002, she once again decided to move, this time to the island of Bali, where she now resides. She returned to her solo work but still tours around the world and plays now and then with her husband under the Zen Lemonade title. Since July of 2003 she guest DJs now and then at KuDeTa in Bali. Finally in 2005, she started her own record label entitled Hypo=espresso and released another album entitled Luxury Addict.




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