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Tainaka Sachi Live 2007 ~Dear...~

DVD Cover
Sachi Tainaka
Video Release
Tainaka Sachi Live 2007 ~Dear...~ (タイナカ サチ LIVE 2007 ~Dear...~)
Catalog Number
  1. Prologue Trust you (プロローグ~Trust you~; Prologue ~Trust you~)
  2. Kimi to no Asu (君との明日; The Tomorrow With You)
  3. Hitori Jimeshitai (独り占めしたい; I Wanna Be All Yours)
  4. Cry
  5. Soredemo (それでも; Nevertheless)
  6. Kimi wa Mikazuki (君は三日月; You Are the Crescent Moon)
  7. Saikou no Kataomoi (最高の片想い; The Greatest Love Never Returned)
  8. Itoshii Hito e (愛しい人へ; To the One I Love)
  9. disillusion kirameku namida hahoshini (disillusion~きらめく涙は星に; disillusion ~ sparkling tears to the stars)
  10. Aitai yo. (会いたいよ。; I Wanna Meet You.)
  11. Ari no Yume (アリの夢; The Dream of an Ant)
  12. Happy Song
  13. Egao ga Modotte Kita!!! (笑顔が戻ってきた!!!; Your Smile Came Back!!!)
  14. It’s my life
  15. mother

'*Tainaka Sachi Live 2007 ~Dear...~ is Sachi Tainaka first Live DVD. The DVD was filmed at Ebisu The Garden Hall on April 21, 2007. It reached 93 and charted for a week.

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