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Tanpopo (Nakajima Michiyo)

Album Cover
Nakajima Michiyo
Tanpopo (たんぽぽ; Dandelion)
Catalog Number
PCCA-00379 (CD)
PCTA-00139 (CT)
  1. Yumemiru Kimi to Boku (夢見る君と僕; You and Me Are Who Is Dreaming)
  2. Ame no Stadium (雨のスタジアム)
  3. Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mou Ichido (あの素晴らしい愛をもう一度; That Wonderful Love Once More)
  4. Omoide ni Monarenai (album version) (思い出にもなれない)
  5. Naite Ii yo (泣いていいよ)
  6. Natsu Kara no Tegami (夏からの手紙)
  7. Aoi Yoru (青い夜; Blue Night)
  8. Shiawase no Iro (しあわせの色; The Color of Happiness)
  9. Soda Sui no Cherry ni Naritai (ソーダ水のチェリーになりたい; I Want to Become the Soda Water's Cherry)
  10. Yuube Television ga... (昨夜テレビが…; Last Night Television...)


Tanpopo is the second and final original album released by Nakajima Michiyo. The album reached #35 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for a total of two weeks.

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