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Tengkorak band

Tengkorak (English: Skull) is an Indonesian death metal band from Jakarta who formed in November 1993. They are also considered to be Indonesia's most popular metal band.


  • Name: Tengkorak
  • Years active: 1993-present
  • Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Genres: Death metal, Grindcore
  • Labels: Sebelas April Records
  • Associated acts: Sick Society
  • Influences: Venom, Deicide


  • M. Hariadi Nasution - Vocals
  • Samier - Guitar
  • Haryo Radianto - Guitar
  • Heri Budiman - Bass
  • Ronnie - Drums

Former Members

  • Adam Mustofa - Guitar
  • Hella Tanisan - Guitar
  • Opick - Guitar
  • Denny Julianto - Drums
  • Bonny Sidharta - Bass
  • Donnirimatta - Drums
  • Danang Budiarto - Bass


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