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Tokyo Cheer2 Party

Tokyo Cheer② Party promoting the single "Yume ni Mukatte..." (2011)

Tokyo Cheer② Party is a Japanese idol group under the agency Office Junior Management and under the label Climb Music Entertainment.


Tokyo Cheer② Party promoting the single "Todoke! Yell Ai Kotoba" (2011)

First Generation

Second Generation


Tokyo Cheer② Party formed as a ten member group in August 2010. They made their first appearance as regulars on a radio program in October and then had their first live event a month later. The group released their first single, entitled "Todoke! Yell Ai Kotoba", a few months later in April 2011.

On June 2011, seven new girls joined Tokyo Cheer② Party as second generation members. Then on January 2012, they released their third single, entitled "Happy Happy", which reached #3 on the daily Oricon charts.[1]




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