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Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends (東京フレンズ) is a Japanese DVD-only release dorama that spanned 5 episodes over 3 volumes and a boxset that included all 3 volumes. This series also marks the acting debut of Japanese pop singer-songwriter, Otsuka Ai.


Otsuka Ai plays Iwatsuki Rei, a girl who moves from her hometown to Tokyo in pursuit of her dreams. On arrival, she finds a job as a waitress in a restaurant and meets guitarist Shintani Ryuuji. Shintani takes a liking to her voice and invites her to join his band as the vocalist, Survival Company (a.k.a Sabakan). The two start a relationship but break it off when Iwatsuki wants to write her own songs.

Iwatsuki befriends the three other girls also working in the restaurant, Hayama Hirono, Fujiki Ryoko and Abiko Maki, all in pursuit of their own dreams. The four girls help each other through the ups and and downs of life, creating an unbreakable bond of friendship.



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  • [2005.06.08] Tokyo Friends Premium Box (東京フレンズ プレミアムBOX)
  • [2005.06.22] Tokyo Friends Vol.1 (東京フレンズ Vol.1) (Episodes 1-2)
  • [2005.06.22] Tokyo Friends Vol.2 (東京フレンズ Vol.2) (Episodes 3-4)
  • [2005.06.22] Tokyo Friends Vol.3 (東京フレンズ Vol.3) (Episode 5)

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