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Uptown 3000

Uptown 3000 was a Korean American hip hop duo which consisted of Carlos Galvan aka "Cali-Mexci" and Steve Kim aka "Kwon", formerly of the group Uptown, a Korean hip-hop group which was active in the late 1990's. The duo is considered defunct as the original Uptown made its comeback in Korea in 2006, which Kim and Galvan were part of.


In 2003, Uptown 3000 released their album Same Book, Different Chapter under the record company The Machine Group. The plan was to market the album in Korea first, hoping that the album would be embraced by fans of the original Uptown, which in turn would give the album more publicity for its release in the United States. But after lack of finances to pay for the marketing and promotion, alonmg with the fact that Uptown's popularity had faded considerably in Korea, the album sold poorly in Korea and ultimately was not released in the United States.

Return to Korea

In 2006, Kim and Galvan returned to Korea to re-form Uptown along with Chris Jung. They released a new album, Testimony.


  • The duo was featured in the PBS documentary film Los Angeles Now.


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