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Urakabe Tae

Urakabe Tae promoting TRUE GATE (2007)

Urakabe Tae (浦壁多恵) is Japanese musical actress, pop singer under KING RECORDS, and former member of the group Minami Aoyama Shoujo Kagekidan.


  • Name: Urakabe Tae (浦壁多恵)
  • Birthday: June 16th, 1976
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 150cm





  • [1993-1995] Kagayaku no Toki wo Tomenai de
  • [1997] Pajama Game
  • [1998] For Girls
  • [2001] Christmas Box
  • [2002] Tottemo Ghost
  • [2003-2006] Les Misérables
  • [2009] Kaa-san

TV Programs

  • [1994] Yoru mo Hit Parade Issei Kenmei
  • [1995] Karei ni Ah!so
  • [2007] ☆Yappari! ☆Anison Daisuki!! ~Uta-hime Kara no Yume no Okurimono~

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