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Thank you for the Bloodtype categories, I always forget them ^^. But just a question, why do you remove th K-Pop category even for those that have released something as soloists?--Pizca 05:49, 30 December 2009 (UTC)


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Thankful.117:24, 5 October 2015
Completing DOWNER discography.209:15, 17 February 2015
Biographies for bands? (not major)206:41, 19 August 2014
Questions about what to do on the wiki109:13, 8 August 2014
Seimei no Shuuen202:10, 19 July 2014
Thank-you for the contributions. 206:47, 25 June 2014

Thank you so so so much! Your extra help on my careless work is really appreciated! I'm hopeless _._ Thank you again!

Andrea130600:49, 3 October 2015

No problem. :)

Hikari17:24, 5 October 2015

Completing DOWNER discography.

Hello Hikari. You seem to be a generous participant within this wiki and knowing the correct translation titles. Just to inform you I'll be doing my best to complete their discography and please feel free to edit/replace the bad edits.

Mizumimic01:24, 10 February 2015

No problem. :)

As you know more about DOWNER than me, please put singles which were live distributed under the section "Other Singles" on their main page.

Hikari15:22, 15 February 2015

Will do and thanks.

Mizumimic09:15, 17 February 2015

Biographies for bands? (not major)

I'm just dropping by to ask how do biographies usually run on this website? Im thinking of putting one for a band such as lix or DELACROIX. I have a feeling as if that info isn't needed or wanted within this wiki?

Visual-KEIrocker5520:16, 16 August 2014

Because only several users put biographies here it doesn't mean that they aren't welcomed. Personally, I don't write any (or sometimes write really short ones) 'cause I'm not a native speaker and I think that I would do too many mistakes. Not having a biography is the main reason why so many pages have a stub category. As long as you do not copy and paste the information from other websites (but of course you can use resources), feel free to put a bio here. ^-^ It doesn't matter whose biography it is.

Hikari10:24, 18 August 2014

Thank-you very much ^^ lix & Luzmelt bios were typed out.

Visual-KEIrocker5506:41, 19 August 2014

Questions about what to do on the wiki

I have a few questions to ask to clear up some errors I've been making. 1: When choosing an image for a band member, it would be best to use something official instead of something that they post via blog or social network?

2: When is it acceptable to leave a gap for a band listing for the members? (i.e.: L-R: ... ... and ...)

3: When a band is still active and a person is editing an old album, we should still link the song even if a song isn't made into a single yet for it could be distributed as a single in the future, correct? (An example being "Lollipop Kingdom" by SuG)

4: With the blue dot on pages, I believe that's side information or trivia? When is it acceptable to include those within a page?

Visual-KEIrocker5520:15, 7 August 2014
  1. Yes, it's definetely better to use an official image/promotional picture. If you can choose between professional photo and a selfie, you'd better choose the first one.
  2. Do you mean the situation, when (under a photograph) a band's name is mentioned and then the members are listed? I usually delete this gap, when the size of a picture is big (the width is long) and the name of a band short. I left that gap in the description of the second picture of UNiTE., because there was additional information ("promoting the single...") and the pic's width was much shorter (another example).
  3. I think that I mentioned it earlier... The song does not have to turn out to be a single. Quite often people create pages for the songs even if they're only album songs. It happens mostly with pop songs (an example with all songs in blue), but there are some examples within rock/visual-kei artists (Lamiel, Juka). The band doesn't have to be active (neither Juka nor Lamiel are). On those pages you can find some additional information about the specific song (Who wrote the lyrics?, Who composed it? etc.). Sometimes I link all the songs, sometimes I don't. If I didn't do it, probably someone else would.
  4. Basically you're right, but we use plenty of them on artists/bands' pages (discography, links etc). :) However, I rarely see them on album/single pages. Usually, if you want to add some extra information, you can make a double space (example).

Tell me if something isn't understandable or maybe I didn't understand you right.

Hikari09:13, 8 August 2014

Seimei no Shuuen

With the whole Seimei no Shuuen (生命の終焉) error, I did some research and asked on several websites. The websites told me that (生命の終焉) translates to "Light and Shadow", plus I went to the American version of the Starwave Records shop and that is the first to pop up in quotes. <-

Visual-KEIrocker5507:27, 17 July 2014

As a person who has learned Japanese a little, I still can't agree that "Seimei no Shuuen" (生命の終焉) means "Light and Shadow". On Japanese site I found an English translation "Life's Finale". Also, every single kanji as well as kanji compounds (生命, 終焉) have nothing to do with "Light" or "Shadow" (you can use any Japanese-English dictionary to check it). On the site you sent me, it's a description of the concept of the band (similar description you can find on "The swallowed world" page, also Starwave Records' shop). Band's concept is the world of contradictions, for example "Light and Shadow". "Seimei no Shuuen" (Life's Finale/The End of Life) fits that concept, but is not translated as "Light and Shadow". On Japanese version of the shop is a description in Japanese, the same as in your source. It also starts with "Light and Shadow" -> "Hikari to Yami" (光と闇). And, as you said, it pops up as first quote, but there are two more, so why aren't those last two the translations of "Seimei no Shuuen"? Another small, grammatical thing. In Japanese a word "and" is expressed by a particle "to", but in "Seimei no Shuuen", "no" is used instead of "to". A particle "no" shows possession, like in "Life's Finale".

I hope it's convincing enough.

Hikari09:47, 18 July 2014

Mmmmm. Yes, I can see how the song lyrics translated would blend with the title in English. ._. Boy do I feel like an idiot

Visual-KEIrocker5502:10, 19 July 2014

Thank-you for the contributions.

I'd just like to stop by and say thanks for the teamwork on the pages you've helped edit that I've created ^^

Visual-KEIrocker5522:04, 17 June 2014

No problem. I hope it's not annoying. Thank you for creating pages of visual-kei artists and related stuff. :)

Hikari15:04, 24 June 2014

^^ Not a problem at all.

Visual-KEIrocker5506:47, 25 June 2014