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Question207:32, 19 March 2014
Redirects122:50, 9 August 2012

May i ask why you put So Hee from former members to members? You do know she left the group right?

01:24, 19 March 2014

Hi, I understand she left JYP Entertainment but if I read her statement and JYP's official statement correctly, there wasn't a definite answer as to whether she left the group or not. Plus, there's no words to what will be Wonder Girl's future, period. Some even rumor that they disbanded but we cannot write based on rumors, but facts. Until the official statement from them regarding WG and So Hee comes, everything is unclear.

02:18, 19 March 2014

Yes it is official that she left the group and the group did not disband. Here is proof "decided not to renew her contract as the idol and member of Wonder Girls under JYPE" "Sohee's departure"

Plus if she left JYP and her contract expired it also means she pretty much cannot stay in the Wonder Girls due to it being taken care of and the music being made my JYP himself.

07:32, 19 March 2014

Please, never change a redirect. If you want to make things easier to get to the page make a disambiguation page.

12:36, 9 August 2012

Sorry I didn't know. Thanks for letting me know!

22:50, 9 August 2012