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48G member revisions

Windershaker, please don't undo my recent revisions to the AKB members.

Sorry I forgot to ask you about this first. Revenantsoulx3 had started a new song format for 48G members, starting with SKE, and confirmed that it's intended to be changed for all members. After thinking on it for some time, I decided to go through with the change, since the format is simpler, identifies A-sides and B-sides faster, and doesn't need to show all the Japanese. I already finished this format for Team 8 (example). I noticed that you picked up on whatever editing pattern I would start using--thank you for bearing with me and going along with it. You've been a big help adding songs to AKB members, now I ask if it's okay to do this new format revision. At this rate, I don't mind if a new format is introduced, so long as it's consistent across all groups and members. Apologies, and thank you for all your contribs and work!

Mierna05:35, 15 October 2016

I think I addressed this when working on Matsui Rena's page. To me, I personally prefer the "outline" format as it stood, since it keeps the B-sides with their appropriate A-sides without needing to list the A-side over and over again (which I noticed in the changed format). Although, I'll start accepting this change, it will be a bit difficult for me to edit the pages. Since I'm not used to this format yet.

Windershaker12:02, 15 October 2016

Add-on: Honestly, I had no idea that this was something agreed upon by you and other members. I thought Revenantsoulx3 did their own thing with the SKE48 pages, which was why I undid some of their changes (and some of yours), so I'm glad you told me.

Windershaker22:40, 15 October 2016

When you upload pictures and mess up (a la AKB48's Halloween Night) don't forget to delete all your duplicated files. Also don't forget to tag each picture with categories (with double brackets Category:CD Cover, Category:Single Cover, Category:AKB48 Images, etc).

Revenantsoulx313:20, 30 July 2015

Apologies for that. I intended to delete the pictures but I didn't know how. Is there a way to delete them. From what I heard, some people simply ask admins to do it for them.

Windershaker16:25, 30 July 2015

I believe you can tag them "delete" (with double curly brackets on each side) that will mark them for deletion. (It's been a while since I couldn't just delete them myself, I forgot only admins could). :)

Revenantsoulx317:38, 30 July 2015

Hi! This is Thom. I see you are completing the Kyary's Oricon Chart Positions, and I have a question. I see in the page of Invader Invader single that on week 160 there were 391 copies sold. It seems like there is an oricon week rank of 200, but I just know the week rank of 50 (here Please if you could tell me where can I see the week 200 rank would be so useful for me. I leave here my e-mail: because I'm new here and I don't know how to use this XD. Thanks for your attention.

Thom3521:54, 9 July 2013

I get my sources from an Oricon thread. Here is the link. Always check on the current page number. There, you can also see top 50 for daily charts as well as top 200 for weekly charts. You could also find (in the link only) the top 100 singles/albums mid-year of 2013, along with the top 500 singles/albums for the year of 2012. Additionally, refer to the first page for anything that can concern you.

Windershaker01:01, 10 July 2013

I read it and I really don't understand. What's this page? I can't find the top 200 weekly charts :/

Thom3501:27, 10 July 2013

I almost forgot. Every Tuesday, one of the admins (I think FrozenSoul) posts the weekly chart from 1-100. The day after, FrozenSoul posts the weekly chart from 101-200. He/she usually cannot find both of them at the same time, so it's separate for both. It will say:

Weekly Top [100,30,10,101-200, etc.] "_________" (whether it's singles, albums, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.)

Spoiler [+]

-Just click on the "[+]" and the results should show. It may be hard to understand, but hopefully you should be able to find what you need.

If you are still confused, just let me know.

Windershaker01:33, 10 July 2013

Really, thank you for your help :) Ehm... yeah, I'm still a bit confused. Where could I see the post you say? On the topic of the page you give me seems to be from December 2012

Thom3501:43, 10 July 2013

Yeah... the thread starts on December 2012 (because week 1 for 2013 begins during that time, for Oricon). Just in case, go to page 81. That page is the most current page (but when it fills up, there will be a page 82).

Windershaker01:44, 10 July 2013

I found it! Thank you so much! :) It even say information about sales from this week and haven't been published by Oricon. I also found a weekly chart of 300, so good! Again, thank you. And yeah, I received your e-mail, but I'm replying here, thanks.

Thom3502:04, 10 July 2013

Anytime. If you need anything, or if anything concerns you in the thread, let me know. Also, when 2013 comes to a near-end, the admins should make a 2014 thread by then. If you need it, I will remind you of it when it comes.

Windershaker02:05, 10 July 2013

Yes, please, you're so kind. Thank you so much :) I will search Oricon thread 2011 for find some of my favorite artists, thanks again.

Thom3502:16, 10 July 2013


Sorry to bother you again, but, do you know any longer top of 2011 Oricon albums? Or at least a longer top (300) of this week (6/20 ~ 6/26) I just can't believe Versailles' album Holy Grail dropped from #12 weekly to get out of the charts.

Thom3520:17, 10 July 2013

I'm not sure if I have seen a longer list or a top 300 of those particular charts. But some releases do end up being removed from the charts despite ranking at a high position in the previous week.

Windershaker20:46, 10 July 2013

Thanks, I'll keep searching.

Thom3521:43, 10 July 2013