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Viva Soul

Viva Soul is a Korean jazz, hip-hop, pop group. In a few interviews they revealed that they get most inspiration from old school reggae, hip-hop, jazz, and some rock. In Korea, they have a widespread fanbase, but though they've yet to cross the United States borders with their music, it is possible to buy some of their music, or CDs through Apple's iTunes Store, or various Asian Music websites.

The various members of Viva Soul have many talents, as far as rapping, singing, playing piano, and acting.


  • Jood - Born 1979, April, 1st, is a fan of Bob Marley, he says that he would love to work up to a status such as his. He is also a fan of Stevie Wonder, and would like to do a song together with him.
  • D' low - Born 1979, October 17th. He is a fan of, Brand Nubian, Sugar Ray, Maxxwell, and Shakkazombie, as well as Buddha Brand and Jurassic 5.
  • Samuel - Born 1979, July 1st. He is a fan of Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, Dangelo, m-flo, and orange pekoe. He says that he enjoys any song that can be listened to on a warm afternoon.



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