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WSG Wannabe 1 Jib

Digital Cover
WSG Wannabe
Digital Single
WSG Wannabe 1 Jib (WSG워너비 1집; WSG Wannabe 1st Album)
  1. Geuttae Geu Sungan Geudaero (Geu Geu Geu) (그때 그 순간 그대로 (그그그); At That Moment) (GayaGLee Bo Ram, Soyeon, HYNN, Jung Ji So)
  2. Bogosipeosseo (보고싶었어; I Missed You) (4FIRENavi, SOLE, Eom Ji Yoon, Kwon Jin Ah)
  3. Clink Clink (클링 클링) (OASISOYoon Eun Hye, Kota, Park Jin Joo, Jo Hyun Ah)
  4. Geuttae Geu Sungan Geudaero (Geu Geu Geu) (Inst.)
  5. Bogosipeosseo (Inst.)
  6. Clink Clink (Inst.)


"WSG Wannabe 1 Jib" is the debut digital single released by WSG Wannabe.

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