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WSG Wannabe Jobyeolgyeongyeon

Digital Cover
WSG Wannabe
Digital Single
WSG Wannabe Jobyeolgyeongyeon (WSG워너비 조별경연; WSG Wannabe Group Contest)
  1. YOU AND I (Lee Bo Ram, SOLE, Eom Ji Yoon, Jung Ji So)
  2. Haengbokhan Nareul (행복한 나를; Happy Me) (Navi, Soyeon and eliminated contestant Chae Jung An)
  3. Sarangui Insa (사랑의 인사; Love's Greeting) (Park Jin Joo, Jo Hyun Ah and eliminated contestants Rihey and Lee Mi Joo)
  4. Break Away (Yoon Eun Hye, Kota, Kwon Jin Ah, HYNN)


"WSG Wannabe Jobyeolgyeongyeon" is a digital single released by WSG Wannabe.

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