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Wakusei Abnormal

Wakusei Abnormal promoting Watashi wa Ikari de Dekiteiru (2018)

Wakusei Abnormal (惑星アブノーマル; Abnormal Planet) is a 2-piece Japanese rock band. They became popular for their psychedelic and unpredictable sounds, and were chosen as one of the 11 finalists for “Ki/oon 20 Years Audition” - an audition for new artists held in the spring of 2012 by Ki/oon Music, which more than 4000 artists applied for. In 2013, they debuted under the label redrec, and have made two mini-albums since then.


  • Taneko Alex (アレックスたねこ) - Vocals
  • Tena Ondine (テナ・オンディーヌ) - Synthesizer, Keyboard


Wakusei Abnormal promoting Kokoro Koko ni (2015)
Wakusei Abnormal promoting Nandemonai Kyoki (2013)



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