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Wanmei De Yitian

Album Cover
Stefanie Sun
Wanmei De Yitian (完美的一天; A Perfect Day)
2006.02.15 (Limited Signature Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Wanmei De Yitian (完美的一天; A Perfect Day)
  2. Yanlei Cheng Shi (眼淚成詩; Tears Become Poetry)
  3. Yinxing Ren (隐形人; Invisible Person)
  4. Liulang Ditu (流浪地圖; Map of a Wanderer)
  5. Diyi Tian (第一天; First Day)
  6. Honey Honey
  7. Xinyuan (心願; Wish)
  8. Lingyi Zhang Lian (另一張臉; Other Face)
  9. Meng Bu Luo (夢不落; Dreams Never Fall)
  10. Mingtian Qingtian (明天晴天; Tomorrow's a Sunny Day)


Wanmei De Yitian is the seventh studio album released by Stefanie Sun.

G-Music Charts

Stefanie Sun promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
1 15.17
2 5.05
1 7.62
3 4.18
11 1.03
14 0.71
19 0.55

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