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Wo Yao De Xingfu

Album Cover
Stefanie Sun
Wo Yao De Xingfu (我要的幸福; My Desired Happiness)
2000.12.09 (Taiwan)
CD Tracklist
  1. on the road (demo)
  2. Wo Yao De Xingfu (我要的幸福; My Desired Happiness)
  3. Huai Tianqi (壞天氣; Bad Weather)
  4. Lingquedian (零缺點; Perfect)
  5. Kaishi Dong Le (開始懂了; Realize)
  6. Zhongjian Didai (中間地帶; Central Zone)
  7. Xiangxin (相信; Believe)
  8. Lei Zui (累贅; Drag)
  9. Nandeyijian (難得一見; Rarely Seen)
  10. Haipa (害怕; Fear)
  11. Xingqiyi Tianqi Qing Wo Likai Ni (星期一 天氣晴 我離開你; Leaving You on the Sunny Monday)
  12. on the road (demo2)


Wo Yao De Xingfu is the second studio album released by Stefanie Sun.

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