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Yuuyu Singles Complete

Album Cover
Iwai Yukiko
Yuuyu SINGLES Complete (ゆうゆSINGLESコンプリート)
Catalog Number
  1. Tenshi no Bodyguard (天使のボディガード; Bodyguard of an Angel)
  2. Mona Lisa no Itazura (モナリザのいたずら)
  3. -3℃
  4. Atto Iu MAI ni MEe! (アッというMAにMEっ!)
  5. 25 Cent no Mangetsu (25セントの満月; The Full Moon of 25 Cents)
  6. Omachi Kane no A Cup (お待ちかねのAカップ)
  7. Tsuite Ikenai -Ganbare Boyfriend- (ついて行けない-がんばれボーイフレンド-)
  8. Tsume wo Kandeta (爪を噛んでた; Bitten a Fingernail)
  9. Hidari Mune Atari (左胸あたり)
  10. Mite Shimatta (見てしまった)
  11. Sayonara Shigan (サヨナラ志願; Good-bye Aspiration)
  12. Tomodoi Regret (戸惑いリグレット; Confusion Regret)
  13. Hoshizora no Gangster (星空のギャングスター; The Gangster of the Starry Sky)
  14. A Un no Hohoemi (あ・うんの微笑み)
  15. Mou Ichido Peter Pan (もう一度ピーターパン; One More Time Peter Pan)
  16. Yume yo Hirake Goma! (夢よ開けゴマ!)
  17. Sayonara no Mae ni Seppun wo (サヨナラの前に接吻を; A Kiss Before the Goodbye)


Yuuyu SINGLES Complete is the fourth best album released by Iwai Yukiko.

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