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Album Cover
Zukan (図鑑; Picture Book)
2000.01.21 (First Release)
2001.04.21 (Vinyl)
2005.09.22 (Low-Priced Edition)
2008.12.17 (Limited Low-Price Edition)
Catalog Number
VICL-60530 (First Release)
VIJL-60083/4 (Vinyl)
VICL-61761 (Low-Priced Edition)
VICL-63193 (Limited Low-Price Edition)
¥3,045 (First Release)
¥3,360 (Vinyl)
¥1,890 (Low-Price Editions)
  1. Intro (イントロ)
  2. March (マーチ)
  3. Aoi Sora <Album MIX> (青い空 <アルバムミックス>; Blue Sky)
  4. Millennium (ミレニアム)
  5. Wakusei-zukuri (惑星づくり; Forming a Planet)
  6. Mado (窓; Window)
  7. Cyanosis (チアノーゼ)
  8. Piano Girl (ピアノガール)
  9. ABULA
  10. Byoubugaura (屏風浦)
  11. Machi (街; Town)
  12. Russia no Roulette (ロシアのルーレット; Russian Roulette)
  13. Home Run (ホームラン)
  14. Gallon <Gallo~n MIX> (ガロン <ガロ~ンミックス>)
  15. Yado Hanashi (宿はなし; Story of an Inn)


Zukan is the second major and fourth overall album released by Quruli. A year after the first release the album was released in vinyl format with two records. The tracklist is tracks one to four on Side A of record #1, tracks five to eight on Side B of record #1, tracks nine to thirteen on Side A of record #2, and tracks fourteen and fifteen on Side B of record #2. Five years after the initial release the album was re-released as a low-price edition, and three years after that the low-price edition was re-released. This edition was a limited time offer that expired in March of 2009. The album reached #20 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for four weeks.

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