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camino is a J-Rock band currently signed to tearbridge records, a sub-label of Avex. The name "camino" which means "pathway" in Spanish, was chosen to symbolize the different musical styles between each members that combined to create a powerful sound together.


Former members

  • Jun (currently serving as vocalist of KESHIKI) - Vocals; 2002-2004
  • DJ KKiDD - DJ; 2004-2005
  • TETSU - Drums; 2002-2003
  • AI - Keyboard; 2002-2003
  • NORIAKI - Drums; 2003-2004
  • MORRISSEY Bass; 2002-2003


camino was formed in 2002 when Misty Eyes disbanded. The guitarist, KIKU, decided to form a new band with Jun. MORRISSEY, TETSU and AI joined them upon the formation. They first signed to ZETTA MUSIC, and debuted with mini-album arise in April 2003. The album was very successful, selling out in Japan during its pre-sale and in less than a month in some American shops. Shortly after, MORRISSEY, TETSU and AI left for unknown reasons.

Shortly before their first overseas performance at A-Kon 14 in Dallas, Texas, RYOSUKE, NORIAKI and TAKA joined the band. The performance was met with positive reactions from the fans. Following the performance, the band received flooding invitations to perform at more overseas events, but at the same time, NORIAKI left the band and was replaced by REHIT.

In 2004, the band returned to the States to perform at the convention Fanime in San Jose, California and again at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas. They released their second album IC Brain not too long after that. However, vocalist JUN decided to leave to band in August to go on a solo career. Not too long after that, new vocalist HAYATO joined the band along with DJ KKiDD. Between October 2004 and February 2005, the band played at several venues in United States and Japan, while also working on a new album.

In January 2005, DJ KKiDD was suddenly removed from the line-up and no explanations were given. They were soon invited to play at Numa Rei no Con in New Orleans, and was scheduled to do some more gigs in Texas. However, on their way to Texas, they involved in a car accident and were forced to cancel all of their remaining shows. Fortunately, no one was fatally injured and the band safely returned to Japan.

After nearing a year without any new releases, they released their first single Lovin' Moon in June followed by more live shows. They didn't do much at the beginning of 2006, before finally returning to the States in March for Sakura Con in Seattle, Washington. In October, they released a new version of Lovin' Moon, called Lovin' Moon 2006, while doing their first national tour along with Dakota Star.

In May 2007, the band released a new single called Nostalgia, which was used as an opening theme for the anime "Koutetsu Sangokushi", before embarking on a tour, started in June 5th and ended in early July. In September, camino signed with tearbridge records, a sub-label of Avex. Despite that, they released their last album as an indie band called L+, which release was limited to 3000 units only.

The following year, in June 25th, they released STORY, a single which was used as the first opening theme of Tomica Hero Rescue Force anime. The band performed at more shows in Japan before going to Canada for the first time in December. Around the same Time, a new single called The Life was also released. The single was used as the second opening theme for Tomica Hero Rescue Force.

In April 2009, they released their first album as a major artist, New Life. In May, they returned to the A-Kon to performed at the event's 20th anniversary. The band is currently busy performing gigs in Japan. Recently, they announced that a new mini album called Wonderful World will be released at 10th November 2010.




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