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i Me

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i Me promoting Aiyiya (2010)

i Me is a Chinese pop girl group that debuted in 2010. The group is able to speak 8 different languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuanese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, German, and English. Both Mocika Li and Mikan Liu are finalists of the 2009 Super Girl contest.


  • Mocika (李媛希; Li Yuanxi)
  • Mikan (刘美含; Liu Meihan)
  • Niki (易易紫; Yi Yizi)
  • Sara (นลินธารา โฮเลอร์; Nalintara Hohler)
  • Hayley (심현경; Shim Hyun-kyung)



  • [2010.06.26] Aiyiya (哎咿呀)


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