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ketchup mania

ketchup mania (けちゃっぷmania) is a Japanese pop/punk/rock band. They mix speedy punk music with cute, pop-sounding vocals.


Former Members

  • FANFAN (Bass)
  • Maashii (Supporting guitar)
  • Katoosan (Guitar)


ketchup mania formed in October of 1999 in Nagoya with three main members (HIRO, DAI, and FANFAN) and one supporting member (Maashii), doing random lives. In January 2000 Katoosan joined as guitarist and the five released their first demo tape Sun Set Glow, containing three tracks. They released another demo tape and in April 2000 were included on the compilation album Destruction. Their song "Hime no Omoi" became very popular and served as the month-long Grand Prix song on ZIP-FM's "Rokkudi Vision Z" program in Nagoya. Later that year at a ZIP-FM sponsored event, ketchup mania was the opening act for bands such as LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, CYMBALS, and Ereki Hachimachi. The following year their first mini-album was released on Twister Records.

FANFAN left the band in December 2001, and Dai followed in April 2002 (he has since rejoined). Despite these losses, in December of 2002 Ketchup mania was voted #1 on the music program BREAK GATE. They released their next mini-album on Groovie Drunker, a sublabel of KOGA record, in 2003, and the next year released another mini-album on the sublabel. In 2003 ketchup mania added WANI as drummer.

In 2005 ketchup mania moved to Tokyo, and bassist Yosei joined. After a third mini-album on Groovie Drunker in July 2005, the band was signed to Universal Music and released their first major single in December. They released their first full-length album, Greetings From Tokyo, in February 2006.


  • Their nickame is "kechamani" (けちゃまに).
  • ketchup mania was originally going to be named "Plutonium", but there was already a band of that same name in Nagoya. They were at first reluctant to change their name. Their new name was decided upon after HIRO opened a ketchup packet and it spattered everywhere. Dai told her, "You're ketchup mania!!"





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