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azumi promoting Castle of wind (2010)

wyolica (ワイヨリカ) is a Japanese folk-pop duo formed in 1997 by azumi and so-to, currently signed to BounDEE records. The band's name is a neologism defined as "people of the grass fields". In 1999, they debuted under the label Epic Records Japan with the single "Kanashii Wagamama".


  • azumi (vocals, lyrics)
  • so-to (guitar, programming, lyrics, music)


wyolica promoting "Sparkle" (2004)
wyolica promoting "Hoshi" (2007)
azumi promoting "Sayonara" (2009)

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  • [2007.06.13] Hoshi (星; Star)
  • [2009.06.03] Boku wa Wasurenai (僕は忘れない; I Will Never Forget'')
  • [2009.11.11] Sayonara (サヨナラ; Goodbye)

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