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Big Show 2010 BIGBANG Live Concert Album

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Album Cover
"Live CD" Tracklist
  1. Keojitmal - hitchhiker remix (거짓말; Lies)
  2. Gara Gara GO!!
  3. Koe wo Kikasete (声をきかせて; Let Me Hear Your Voice)
  4. Hallelujah (할렐루야)
  5. Strong Baby - hitchhiker remix (Seungri solo)
  6. Where U At (Taeyang solo)
  7. How Gee
  8. Stylish (The FILA) - Perry remix
  9. Somsatang (솜사탕; Cotton Candy) (Daesung solo)
  10. Nunmulppunin Babo & I Don't Understand (눈물뿐인 바보; A Fool's Only Tears)
  11. Meongcheonghan Sarang & OH MA BABY (멍청한 사랑; Foolish Love)
  12. Remember
  13. Stay
  14. Haru Haru (하루하루; Day by Day)
  15. Heartbreaker (G-Dragon solo)
  16. Cheonguk & Babo (천국; Heaven, 바보; Fool)
  17. Byulkeun Noeul (뷹은 노을; Sunset Glow)
"Bonus CD" Tracklist
  1. TURN IT UP (T.O.P solo)
  2. Hallelujah (할렐루야)
  3. Stylish (The FILA) - Perry remix
  4. Keojitmal - hitchhiker remix (거짓말; Lies)


BIG SHOW 2010 BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT ALBUM is BIGBANG's fourth live album. It was recorded from 2010.01.29 to 2010.01.31 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena during BIGBANG's "BIG SHOW 10" live tour. The release includes a bonus CD featuring T.O.P's debut solo digital single, which was performed at the concert, but released six months later, BIGBANG's theme song for Korean dorama IRIS, "Hallelujah", and two remixes also included on the live CD.

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