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Oenjjokkaseum (album)

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Album Cover
Oenjjokkaseum (왼쪽가슴; Left Heart)
  1. Saranghal Ttaemada (사랑할 때마다; Everytime We Love)
  2. Day & Night (feat. Baek Ji Young (백지영))
  3. Oenjjokkaseum (왼쪽가슴; Left Heart)
  4. Na Nappeujyo (feat. Kim Tae Woo) (나 나쁘죠 (feat. 김태우); I'm Bad?)
  5. Hario (하리오; Will Do)
  6. Sarangeun Joeungeo (feat. Common Ground) (사랑은 좋은거; Love Is Good)
  7. Nalgeun Sarang (낡은 사랑; Worn Love)
  8. Boureut (버릇; Habit)
  9. YOU (feat. Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우))
  10. Cheonildongan (천일동안; For 1000 Days)


Oenjjokkaseum is K.Will's debut album. The title track was used as lead single, and the song "Hario" was later released as his first digital single.

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